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UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Seven shot, one beaten

Shawn Foucher • May 20, 2014 at 9:39 AM

Watch video from a Sandusky police cruiser in the player below


Updated Monday, 2:16 p.m.

By the city of Sandusky’s request, the owner of the former DJ's Sports Bar, now known as Geno’s, signed an eviction notice, ending all activity occurring inside this property.

The owner of the businesses also signed the agreement.

City officials claimed the property was a public nuisance, putting at risk officers, community members and others driving by this area.


Previous Story:

A Cleveland Road hotspot outdid its own reputation for trouble Sunday morning when it played host to a shooting rampage that left seven people with gunshot wounds and one man with severe assault injuries.

As of late Sunday, police had made no arrests in the shooting at Geno’s, an oft-troubled party center in the 1600 block of Cleveland Road, formerly known as DJ’s Sports Bar.

Witnesses and victims said it was total chaos when a gunman, or gunmen, opened fire at about 4:30 a.m. inside the packed party center.    About three to four shots were fired inside the bar before the shooting moved outside, where another three to four shots were fired.

The shooting victims all suffered nonlethal wounds to their hips, legs or lower extremities, according to police, witnesses and victims. The shooting victims may have been innocent bystanders, uninvolved in any dispute that triggered the incident, police and witnesses said.

“It was crazy,” said one woman who was inside the party center when the melee let loose. “There was probably about 100 people inside, and then there were two or three or four shots, and everyone ran outside”

Sandusky police were first dispatched to the location just after 4 a.m., when the owner asked officers to help handle a large crowd of people, according to a police report.

When Officer Cameron Greenawalt arrived he heard a gunshot, according to the report, and officers then found assault victim Tyshaun Washington, 28, of Lorain, lying unresponsive in the parking lot. Investigators said they’re still trying to determine if the assailants used any objects to bludgeon Washington, or if they just hit and kicked him.

Washington was taken by ambulance to Firelands Regional Medical Center and then flown by medical helicopter to a Toledo hospital.

Many of the shooting victims quickly got rides to Firelands hospital, where staff patched them up in short order before sending them on their way. Officers were also dispatched to the hospital briefly to quell arguments among the victims’ family and friends, who were waiting in treatment rooms and lobbies.

Sandusky police Detective Dana Newell said officers found no shell casings at the scene, leading them to believe the shooter — or shooters — had revolvers. Police also found unspent shotgun shells at the scene, but they believe those had nothing to do with Sunday morning’s shooting.

A police report on the shooting lists “involved parties” as a few people from Elyria and Lorain and one from Sandusky.

“They’re ‘persons of interest,’” Newell said, declining to elaborate.

Sunday afternoon, Newell was working to obtain any surveillance videos from businesses in the area.

An employee at a nearby gas station said his store’s surveillance camera only recorded vehicle headlights in the parking lot at the party center at the time of the shooting; it was too dark to see much else in the video. An employee at the nearby dollar store said she hadn’t viewed any surveillance video from the time of the shooting.

A few of the shooting victims told the Register music was playing inside Geno’s when the shots were fired. They said they heard no arguing beforehand and they didn’t catch a good look at anyone firing the shots.

By late Sunday, most of the victims were up and walking: One guy had a gauze bandage wrapped around his calf as he talked on the phone while standing in his driveway; one woman was already working behind the register at a local store; one man made a quick trip to Drug Mart to get new bandages for his leg.

The shootings victims:
•Michael Lately Jr., 27, of Sandusky.

•Reva Roldan, 30, of Sandusky. 
•Aries Irby, 25, of Sandusky.

•Sharee Russell, 29, of Sandusky.

•Darryl Pearson, 23, of Sandusky.

•Domonic Webb, 26, of Sandusky.

•Michael McClellan Jr., 29, of Sandusky.

The Geno’s location has been a magnet for trouble for years, even when it operated as DJ’s Sports Bar, Sandusky police reports shot. Countless incident reports document all variety of problems there, particularly in the early morning hours.

After local bars have long shut down, people flock to the Cleveland Road party center to hang out.

Local authorities said the facility does not sell alcohol and it operates as a sort of “private club,” putting police at something of a disadvantage when they show up to quiet disturbances.

According to the Erie County auditor’s website, the Geno’s building is owned by Carmelo Ruta Inc.

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