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Warrant issued for robbery suspect

Courtney Astolfi • May 16, 2014 at 5:28 PM

Sandusky police have issued arrest warrants for one of the men involved in a Wednesday morning home invasion on Sandusky’s west end.

Though Sandusky police Detective Dana Newell still declined to comment on the case particulars — including the name of the identified suspect — he stressed the public is not at risk of falling victim to the same kind of incident.

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“There is no reason to believe they’re trying to target anyone else in the area” Newell said Thursday.

Two men stormed the garage of Pinewood Drive resident Nellie Lee Dauch Wednesday morning, police said.

The alleged thieves bound her limbs and mouth with tape, then stripped her of multiple pieces of jewelry before fleeing on foot, the victim’s son, Don Dauch said.

Investigators believe the suspects were familiar with the woman and knew she frequently wore expensive baubles, Dauch said.

“It was not a random act,” Newell reiterated Thursday. “We’re asking the public to bear with us until we get to the conclusion of the whole situation”

Newell did say however, Dauch’s relation to the suspects was completely above-board.

“There was nothing illegal done on the victim’s part. The victim was living a decent, respectful life and she should be allowed to live the (way she wants) without someone coming and taking her stuff” Newell said.

Though Newell has yet to confirm jewelry was stolen, he did say the stolen items are pivotal to the investigation.

He also declined to say how officers were able to identify one of the suspects.

There are aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, kidnapping and felony theft charges waiting for the man as soon as he is located, Newell said.

Dauch indicated police are searching for a possible getaway vehicle, but Newell declined to comment on whether or not the thieves used a vehicle to escape, and he declined to comment on the suspects’ current whereabouts.

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