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Man, 42, kicks his pregnant wife in stomach

Courtney Astolfi • May 14, 2014 at 12:30 PM

A Milan Township man was jailed Monday after he repeatedly kicked his pregnant wife’s stomach and shattered a glass ashtray over her head, deputies said. James Hinant, 42, of the 2700 block of Alpine Trail, was charged with felonious assault and domestic violence.

Paramedics rushed to Hinant’s home at about 8 p.m. Monday after one of his friends asked a neighbor to dial 911, citing the woman’s severe head injury, according to an Erie County deputy’s report.

There, they found Hinant’s wife with a large bleeding gash across the crown of her head, with blood running down her neck and chest.

The woman said she’d just arrived home from work when she found Hinant drinking in their garage with a few friends.    When she went to speak with him, Hinant began calling her names and yelling. Despite her attempts to calm him down, Hinant grabbed a chair and hit her with it, the report said.

He then shoved her up against the wall and began choking her, the report said. Eventually, one of Hinant’s friends intervened and pulled him off of her.

But the assault continued, according to deputies. Inside, Hinant and his wife began talking about her pregnancy, as the woman was several weeks along, the report said.

Angered by the pregnancy talk, Hinant allegedly shoved her onto their couch and repeatedly punched her head and face. He then kicked her stomach over and over, the report said.

“(The woman) believed James was kicking her in the stomach in attempts to terminate the pregnancy,” the report stated. The woman also told deputies Hinant recently threatened to kill her because she was pregnant.

Even then, Hinant wasn’t through with the alleged attack. As his wife was still on the couch, Hinant allegedly grabbed a large glass ashtray and smashed it over her head.

“It appeared that (the woman) was struck by the ashtray with such force that the glass was in powder form on the cushion where (the woman’s) head would have been,” the deputy wrote in his report.

Hinant denied attacking his wife. He said the woman threw the ashtray at him — although his story changed halfway through the deputy’s interview, the report said.

Confronted with the fact there was no broken glass near the area he was sitting, Hinant said the woman must have moved the shards to align with her side of the story. Deputies also tried to interview the other people who were present at the scene, but they were “less than cooperative” the report said.

The neighbor who originally dialed 911 said she heard the couple screaming just prior to a man asking her to call police because “he smashed an ashtray over her head” the report said.

Hinant was arrested and taken to the Erie County jail. He is being held without bond until his arraignment today.

The woman refused medical treatment at the scene, despite deputies’ insistence.

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