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HR employee fired for threatening supervisor

Andy Ouriel • May 12, 2014 at 11:17 AM

Erie County officials fired a human resources employee for threatening, ridiculing and undermining her supervisor, according to a termination report.

In early April, Dena Heyman, who earned about $12.40 an hour, went on a tirade criticizing her co-workers, as indicated by a termination report the Register obtained through a public records request. She went on paid leave for about a month and was then fired by Erie County commissioners on Thursday.

The report indicates Heyman:

•Called the three county commissioners “idiots”

•Accused her supervisor of being incompetent to the point where the person couldn’t find a meeting room or buy water.

•Claimed her supervisor wouldn’t help anyone for 5 cents an hour.

•Blamed others for not doing work assigned to her.

Among the office workplace rules she reportedly violated are insubordination; abuse of or actions toward other employees that would disrupt office efficiencies; derogatory remarks; failure to cooperate; and verbal or physical assault on other employees. “Her actions were against our county policies,” Erie County administrator Pete Daniel said. “The nature of these infractions were serious enough for us to consider relieving her of her duties as a county employee”

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