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New rides ready for 2014 season

Melissa Topey • May 9, 2014 at 11:50 PM

If the Faile family’s endorsement of Cedar Point’s new rides is any indication of this year’s potential, the amusement park colossus is in for another record year.


“It was awesome,” Luke Faile, 17, said as he got off the Pipe Scream Thursday afternoon. “I thought it was going to go upside down,” said a giggling Cassidy Faile, 10. Thursday’s sneak peek of the park’s new rides was mostly intended for roller coaster enthusiasts and members of the media, who are likely to spread the word in the hours leading up to the park’s season opening at 10 a.m. Saturday.   


Watch a video with the Faile family in the player below

But the Faile family, of Beaver Creek, earned their rightful place by way of a contest. They submitted a family video and were chosen to christen the new ride Pipe Scream, as well as making the official announcement for Pipe Scream and another new ride, Lake Erie Eagles. Both rides are on the newly re-minted Gemini midway. “Nothing special ever happens to us,” Bethany Faile, 19, said. “This is exciting” The family friendly ride was a breath of fresh air to their father, David Faile. “There are very few rides I get to ride with all my kids from 10 to 19” he said.


Click HERE to see photos of who attended Thursday's preview

One of the new attractions that was not ready for a tryout: SlingShot, a ride that launches riders 360 feet into the air. It’s anticipated to debut in June.

During Thursday’s activities, general manager Jason McClure told the Register more animals are being added to expand the petting zoo in Frontier Town. There will also be a Bluegrass band playing in that area of the park.

He also said there will be a new food offering unveiled Saturday, but he declined to elaborate.

Watch a video with McClure in the player below

Roller coaster enthusiasts seemed to enjoy the appearance of the refreshed midway, complete with new asphalt, landscaping and a few new games.

They clapped when McClure, in his first official opening day at Cedar Point, pointed out the new look.

Many of the guests were eating from buckets of Crab Fries and drinking Coke, compliments of Chickie’s and Pete’s Sports Bar. The tasty fries are coated with a special blend of seasonings the eatery uses on its crab, and the fries are served with a creamy, cheesy dip. They’re just a few of the new food offerings at the park.

Some of the can’t-miss attractions this season:

•Pipe Scream: Combination roller coaster and flat ride that rocks riders back and forth while spinning on 302 feet of track about 43 feet above the ground.

•Lake Erie Eagles: Classic swing ride that carries riders 28 feet into the air. There are eight carriages hanging from arms. A paddle on each carriage acts as a rudder, allowing riders to create their own experience in simulating flight.

Watch a video of Lake Erie Eagles in the player below

•SlingShot: Catapults a two-rider, tethered capsule about 360 feet into the sky at speeds of up to 100 mph. Riders experience a moment of weightlessness before falling back to Earth, then they’re treated to one last shot up until the capsule comes to rest on the launch pad. This is scheduled to open in June and there’s an additional charge to ride.

•Luminosity: This year’s Luminosity is bigger and better than ever, park officials said. There’s a larger band playing more instruments and an expanded lineup of music. There are also new effects, with acrobats flying overhead.

•Lighthouse Point cabins: The remodel of the former Camper Village will feature 52 new deluxe cabins. Each one sleeps up to 10 people and features queen-sized beds, two full-size bathrooms and four flat-screen televisions. The kitchenette has a microwave, refrigerator and coffee maker.

•Jr. Gemini has been refashioned into Wilderness Run, while Frog Hopper has been re-branded as Woodstock’s Airmail — just in time for Camp Snoopy’s 15th anniversary.

•New food options include the new Chickie’s & Pete’s Sports Bar, Cinnabon, Starbucks and Auntie Anne’s.

Watch a video with Pete from Chickie's & Pete's in the player below

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