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Toddler found in car

Alex Green • Apr 30, 2014 at 10:36 PM

A Port Clinton woman found a 3-year-old toddler in her car Tuesday, Port Clinton police said.


Krystal May looked out her 1200 block Fremont Road front window where she saw her car's passenger-side door propped open. "I went over and I saw a toddler sitting in it," she said.


She picked up the child and a swarm of kids ran over to the car, a Port Clinton police report said.


May contacted Port Clinton police, who arrived to the townhouse complex parking lot around the same time as the toddler's mother, May said.


The mother told police the infant was with her 6-year-old sister, who was watching the child at the Port Clinton Point playground, the report said. The 6-year-old said they wandered from that playground over to the Bay Meadows playground, about a quarter-mile apart according to Google Maps.


"(The mother) started yelling (at the 6-year-old) and said it was her fault," May said. Police have not filed charges against the mother, but the case is being reviewed by the Ottawa County department of Job and Family Services, police said.


The 6-year-old said she does not know how the child got in the car, or whether or not someone put her in it, the report said.


For May, a mother of three small children herself, it was a scary scenario that differed greatly from her usual nightly sit-down at her home computer.


On this particular night, she just happened to see her car door move. "What if she locked herself in?" she asked. "What if she found a box cutter that (was in the car)? I'm very concerned for those children."

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