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Making ancient coins

Alex Green • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:41 PM

In ancient times, they would have been called goldsmiths.

Immaculate Conception thirdgraders took an imaginative journey back in time to the world of ancient Rome.

They’re reading a book about time travelers who experienced the famous eras of ancient Rome and ancient Greece, so they tried to emulate their favorite literary characters. They made customized, oversized coins using paper plates, aluminum foil and metallic paints.

It was one of the more fun aspects of the weeks-long lesson that taught them about Romulus and Remus, Mount Vesuvius and Julius Caesar.

The coins varied in shape, color and especially imagery. Most coins had a main icon such as a silhouette of a person, or an image of a building or animal.

Students made their coins in the likeness of Roman currency, a topic in which they’re now well-versed. “It has been a fun project,” Stefanie Jadwisiak said. Ancient Roman coins were made of gold, silver or copper. The coins displayed faces of legendary rulers Antoninianus and Sesertius. Immaculate Conception thirdgraders now know all about it.

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