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Man accused of choking girlfriend

Courtney Astolfi • Apr 23, 2014 at 4:30 PM

UPDATE April 1, 2014: Grandberry’s charge of domestic violence was dropped by the prosecutor. His felonious assault charge was dropped down to a misdemeanor, to which he pleaded no contest, according to court records. 

A Michigan man was arrested Monday for allegedly choking his girlfriend to near-unconsciousness.

Daryl Grandberry, 20, of Roseville, was charged with felonious assault and domestic violence.

Sandusky police were called to a home in the 2300 block of Milan Road shortly after midnight, after a friend of Grandberry’s girlfriend learned the girlfriend had been assaulted, according to a Sandusky police report.

When officers arrived, Grandberry had already fled the scene. They found his girlfriend crying on a couch. The woman had been living with Grandberry in her Milan Road home, as both are employed by Cedar Point, the report said.

Just before midnight, the pair had a heated argument. Grandberry began gathering his belongings so he could move out, but the woman stood in his way, the report said. She told him if he wanted to leave, he had to hand over his key, the report said.

At that point, Grandberry allegedly shoved the woman out of his way and knocked her onto the bed. They continued arguing in ahallway, where Grandberry again pushed the woman to the floor, causing her head to strike the ground, the report said.

The woman described seeing a flash of white light when her head struck the floor. Grandberry then climbed on top of her and began choking her, the report said.

“(The woman) said she began hitting Daryl numerous times trying to get him off of her, but he would not stop choking her until she grabbed his groin. Daryl choked (the woman) again, with her stating she could not breath and she almost lost consciousness,” the report stated.

After Grandberry let go, he tried to help the woman off the ground, but she told him to stay away. Grandberry then fled the home, the report said.

After police concluded their interviews with the woman and readied to leave, the woman received a Facebook message from Grandberry, indicating he was somewhere nearby and knew the police had been called.

He returned to the home and began arguing with the woman in front of police. He allegedly continued yelling as he was placed under arrest, trying to pull away from officers and kicking at their cruiser doors.

Grandberry said the woman punched him several times, and he denied choking her, the report said. He remains in the Erie County jail on $23,000 bond.

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