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Sandusky bicentennial bash planned

Andy Ouriel • Apr 22, 2014 at 9:40 AM

Make sure to RSVP to Sandusky’s biggest birthday bash yet.

City commissioners recently authorized plans to officially celebrate Sandusky’s 200th anniversary, or bicentennial, in 2018.

The official endorsement came about seven months after local philanthropist George Mylander lobbied commissioners about planning for a bicentennial blowout. Mylander also helped organize Sandusky’s sesquicentennial, or 150th anniversary, in 1968 at Sandusky High School’s Strobel Field.

Commissioners responded to Mylander’s challenge and devised a preliminary plan to commemorate the milestone.

First up: They recently named Dr. William Semans, a local dentist who also serves on Sandusky’s zoning board, as chairman for the bicentennial commission.

Semans will oversee several subcommittees — ideally comprising local officials, business leaders, school administrators, students, volunteers, area residents, community stakeholders, area historians and others — collaborating to celebrate the bicentennial. He’ll also approve any festivities leading up to and during the celebration.

“It’s a great opportunity for the commission to reflect on its past and look toward the future,” Semans said. “I have an appreciation and love for the city of Sandusky, its citizens, resources and history”

A bicentennial celebration also gives people an opportunity to reflect on the city’s past for motivation to improve the community going forward, Sandusky ex officio mayor Dennis Murray Jr. said.

“There is an important educational opportunity here” Murray said.

“Sanduskians have done really remarkable things, and we have been at the forefront of many achievements. We want to recount those stories and bring great optimism to a community that sometimes tells ourselves our best days are behind us, and that is just wrong”

Murray said the city has a great heritage and a great future.

“People took chances and people made investments and worked hard, and it worked out well for this community, and we want to recapture that”

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