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A better fit

Melissa Topey • Apr 19, 2014 at 10:40 AM

The good people at Semper CrossFit want you to work your body and work up a sweat — and have fun doing it, too.

Feeling up to the challenge? You’ll have more space than ever to get it done.

The gym moved into a new, larger location in the Sandusky Plaza in August, opting to leave a smaller spot in Huron, Semper CrossFit owner Rachel Mraz said. “What we do is different and we don’t offer the same old thing,” Mraz said. “Most gyms just want the membership fee and then they don’t check in with you or help you”

Semper CrossFit won’t let any customer go it alone, or feel abandoned. The employees create broad workout programs for people to follow, encompassing everything from gymnastic, cardiovascular, rowing and running. Clients can pursue the programs as their fitness levels allow.

Mraz and five other trainers are on hand to motivate clients and ensure everyone is using the correct techniques. “It’s so good. You never get bored,” Mraz said. “We’re a community, so everyone is cheering you on, pushing you”

When she says “community,” she means it. They have monthly dinners, as well as get-togethers and fundraisers for organizations such as Wounded Warrior.

And not long after beginning a workout regimen, Mraz’s clients begin to see results. One client who started there more than a year ago had trouble lifting groceries. These days, that same client can be seen throwing bags of dog food on her shoulder with no problem, Mraz said.

CrossFit’s customers run the gamut. Some are elementary-school age, and others are in their 60s.

There’s also a room where children can play, giving mom or dad time to focus on their fitness.

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