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2 people injured in alleged stabbing

Shawn Foucher • Apr 19, 2014 at 5:03 PM

Detectives said they are not releasing the victims’ names “due to the potential nature of the crimes.” There is no apparent exemption in the state’s public records law that allows police to withhold information for such reasons.

   Regardless, officers provided a written release with some particulars.    Police were called to a home in the 200 block of

   N. Ohio Ave. at about 2:20 a.m. Friday, arriving to find a bleeding man and a bleeding woman who both required immediate medical care.

   One victim sustained “what appear to be several stab wounds, while the other has injuries that appear to be trauma-related” police stated in a release. The stabbing victim suffered puncture wounds to the upper torso and neck.

   The victims were taken by ambulance to Fremont Memorial Hospital, then flown by medical helicopter to a Toledo hospital, where detectives interviewed them both later Friday.

   “There are conflicting stories, and detectives are still trying to gather facts and corroborate stories” the release stated.

   Fremont police called the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to help process the scene. Early Friday afternoon, two BCI employees and two Fremont detectives were still inside the yellow two-story home, loading up items and carrying them to two BCI trucks parked outside. Evidence throughout the neighborhood, meanwhile, hinted to an ugly incident.

   Dry blood spatter could be seen on the asphalt at the southwest corner of Howland Street and North Ohio Avenue, with a trail of blood drops leading up onto the sidewalk, then onto the porch of a home across the street from the yellow home that played host to the carnage.

   Residents in that neighboring home, declining to provide their names, said they didn’t hear anyone walk up onto their porch Friday morning seeking help. But they also noted their doorbell is broken.

   “All I know is we were up in bed at about 2:30 a.m., and we have a police scanner that went off,” said a woman from the neighboring home. “My husband said, ‘Did you hear that, honey?’ I said, ‘No, what?’ He said, ‘It’s a stabbing’”

   They said they looked out the window and saw a police cruiser, then saw a man in the street lifting up his shirt, apparently showing his stab wounds to an officer. They figured the man likely went to their home seeking help.

   “He must have,” the woman said. “There’s blood all over our porch and the railing”

   They then saw paramedics exit the home, wheeling a woman on a gurney into an ambulance. They recognized her as the resident from the yellow home.

   Fremont police did not return messages seeking confirmation of the woman’s identity.

   “She’s had all sorts of problems,” residents said, providing a detailed account of the woman’s comings and goings.

   Tina Whitt, co-owner of the nearby bait shop, Angler’s Supply, said the involved woman frequents her shop many times a day, and she’s gotten to know her well. Whitt said the woman has struggled with plenty of issues in recent years, and it was bound to lead to trouble.

   Residents said they did not recognize the man involved.

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