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Contract terms negotiated

Andy Ouriel • Apr 17, 2014 at 1:00 PM

The contract runs from April 2014 through March 2017.

Here are the deal’s details, according to contract data the Register obtained through a public records request:

Raises: Union employees must receive raises in each year of the three-year deal.

Employees receive about a: 

•1 percent raise in year one.

•1.2 percent raise in year two.

•2.4 percent raise in year three. 

Taxpayer fallout: The raises collectively total about $43,300 in the three-year contract.

Major benefit achieved: Employees now receive a bit more for inclement weather gear, which collectively totals an extra $1,200 for all workers over the contract’s new life. Workers obtain a certain stipend to cover specialized clothing, such as work boots.

Major benefit conceded: The biggest one involved union representatives agreeing to surrender the ability to use arbitration in settling disputes regarding creating jobs.

Engineer’s office comment:

“These negotiations, which basically provided cost-of-living increases to our employees, resulted in fairness based upon our current economy,” Erie County engineer Jack Farschman said.

Farschman’s an elected official and not represented by this union.

“Both parties left the bargaining table without either being fully satisfied, which normally equates to an agreement that is fair and reasonable to each” Farschman said.

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