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Boy with the Boot back home

Andy Ouriel • Apr 14, 2014 at 4:30 PM

The Boy with the Boot returned to his old stomping grounds this past week.

Sandusky’s most recognizable statue came back home after vacationing in the city of Wadsworth, located near Akron, all winter long.

In August, city commissioners agreed to let Wadsworth borrow the statue, stationed at Washington Park. Wadsworth officials then hired someone to sculpt an exact replica of it. Sandusky’s original Boy with the Boot still stands in an enclosed case at City Hall.

The statue went to Wadsworth in October and just came back this month.

“Our community is celebrating its bicentennial in 2014, and (we wanted) to have that statue as a physical reminder of our community” Wadsworth Mayor Robin Laubaugh said. “Legend has it during World War II, the statue was donated, and it was displayed in our downtown”

Sandusky officials didn’t charge the city to borrow the statue.

Rather than placing the Boy with the Boot in storage all winter long, commissioners opted to let it travel south to help a government neighbor in need.

“It is normal for us to take down the Boy with the Boot in October anyway, and that’s when Wadsworth was looking to obtain it,” commissioner Julie Farrar said. “They want it for a Memorial Day unveiling”

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