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What’s old is new at Lilly & Gert’s

Melissa Topey • Apr 10, 2014 at 2:10 PM

The old saying, “Everything old is new again,” has never been more true than at Lilly & Gert’s.

Here, old spoons become jewelry. Old dishes and vases become stylish centerpieces. Snow fencing once destined for the landfill becomes something special, the wire fashioned into wreaths fixed with burlap bows, and the wood turned into American flags and stars.

This small, one-room boutique on Port Clinton’s West Second Street specializes in transforming discarded items into beautiful handcrafted gifts.

“I think everything deserves a second chance, whether it’s a person or an item,” said Dina Rogers, 43, who co-owns Lilly & Gert’s with her husband, David. “There is always life left”

This would seem to include new life for the business itself.

Lilly & Gert’s originally opened last August at Jefferson and Second streets, but moved two weeks ago to its new location, 122 W. Second St.

Among the more popular items in the shop are the specialty signs made of old wood. One such sign offers appropriate advice for life along the Erie shore: “Go Jump in a Lake”

Looking for a special gift, but not not exactly sure what it is? If Dina can’t find it in her shop, she’ll make it for you.

She’s the creative force behind Lilly & Gert’s, while David is the more businessminded of the two. He’s a military veteran who now works as the school resource officer for Graytown Elementary School in the Benton-Carroll-Salem school district.

The shop is a family business, named after Dina’s grandmother, Lillian, and her great-grandmother, Gertrude. Both were strong forces in her life, and Dina wanted to honor them.

Her mother also helps in the hunt for items to repurpose.

The Rogers said their two children, Katie, 9, and Olivia, 6, provide them inspiration every day. When the girls are in the shop after school, they often help paint items.

Dina, meanwhile, has achieved her lifelong goal of owning a business.

And just as her grandmother and greatgrandmother served as her inspiration, she’s inspiring her daughters to realize you can achieve anything, no matter where you are at in life.

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