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CheeseHaven open for the season

Andy Ouriel • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:40 PM

Nobody prompted customers to say cheese upon entering a popular store.

They already donned wide smiles when walking into CheeseHaven, located on Ohio 53 near Ohio 163. Celebrating its 65th anniversary, the specialty cheese shop and old-fashioned candy store opened for the season Friday.

People once again could retrieve smoked fish, novelty coffees, flavored wines and other tasty goods, including 200-plus cheeses hailing from places such as Italy, France, New York and Wisconsin.

Other unique delicacies, such as rich fudge and pungent mustard, are made at the store.

While customers enjoyed purchasing their favorite foods to gobble up later — original smoked cheddar cheese is a top crowdpleaser — owners Lisa and Tom Geisheimer appreciated spotting familiar faces and conversing with people they haven’t seen in months.

“We like to meet and get to know people,” Lisa said. “We ask, ‘What’s your name?’ The next time they come in, we try to remember them”

Said Tom: “You can’t get that at big box stores. We talk about cheese, and people can taste it if they want. It’s just about one big interaction with the customer”    

CheeseHaven owners Lisa and Tom Geisheimer offered up five unique products people should try when they stop into their store:

Horseradish cheese spread

•PRICE: $9.99 per 1-pound container

•TASTES LIKE: horseradish with a spicier twist infused into the dip. Good on crackers and baked potatoes.


•PRICE: $9.95 per pound

•TASTES LIKE: a less firm but still savory summer or German sausage.

Chocolate cheese

•PRICE: $12.49 per pound

•TASTES LIKE: an undercooked brownie mixed with cheddar cheese

Heineman’s Winery Lake Erie Sweet Belle table wine

•PRICE: $8.99 per bottle

•TASTES LIKE: A sweeter, or blush-style, wine. The winery only distributes its wine to a couple stores.

Banana taffy

•PRICE: $6.89 per pound

•TASTES LIKE: A banana that comes in a chewier, sweeter and smaller size.

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