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It’s all in the details

Melissa Topey • Apr 3, 2014 at 7:41 PM

You like it clean, they like it dirty.

Seems like a natural fit for JD’s Auto Detailing and the vast sea of grime- and salt-coated automobiles out there these days.

Workers at the new detail shop on Venice Road perform 100 percent of their work by hand — wash, wax and drying. There’s no automation, an important aspect for many vehicle owners.

“I do full detailing,” said John Ferguson, who co-owns the shop with Deanna Hensley. “We make it look like it did when it came off the lot” The shop’s motto: “You like it clean … We like ’em dirty!”

Ferguson and Hensley opened the doors March 15, just in time to polish up the countless vehicles whose owners have been waiting months for a clean shine to their ride.

“You spend money to go through a drivethrough, and it doesn’t get as clean as you want” Ferguson said. “Dryers don’t get it as dry as you want, and that leaves spots. Here, it looks brand-new”

The shop offers wash, wax and buffing on the vehicle’s exterior, as well as shampooing for the interior. The workers even degrease and clean the engine, perfect for those who are selling their cars or those who just want that perfect shine when they pop the hood. The shop even reconditions leather to its original, oh-so-soft condition.

And it’s likely the best price in town, Ferguson said.

For any customers who are military veterans, JD’s Auto Detailing offers 10 percent off.

“We get to give them thanks” Ferguson said.

The same discount is offered to senior citizens.

Ferguson said he also believes in giving customers a little something extra. If Ferguson notices a driver’s-side floor mat needs cleaned — but the customer only purchased a basic wash — he’ll still perform a quick vacuum at no charge.

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