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Bat-wielding man robs store

Alex Green • Apr 3, 2014 at 8:54 AM

Plenty of people crave nicotine each day.

Few go to such lengths as a man who, early Tuesday, wielded a baseball bat to rob a Port Clinton convenience store of two cartons of cigarettes and some cash.

The suspect — wearing all black, his face concealed by his sweatshirt’s hood — entered the Mickey Mart on East Perry Street at about 10 a.m. with baseball bat in hand, according to police.

He threatened the store clerk and ordered her to hand over money and two cartons of cigarettes, police said. He ordered an employee to open the store’s safe, but the employee told the suspect she had just made a bank deposit.

The suspect then exited the store and fled in a vehicle, although police had no description of the vehicle.

Officers said they reviewed video footage from the store’s surveillance cameras, but the suspect’s dark garb made it impossible to identify him.

The store’s employees are still calculating the amount of money that was stolen.

The incident came a little more than 30 minutes after someone called the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office and threatened to bring a bomb to Port Clinton High School.

It was not immediately apparent if the bomb threat and robbery were related, but police said they’re not ruling out a possible connection.

Last week in Elyria, an Avon man — Brett Benson, 40 — allegedly called in a bomb threat to a school just before robbing a Dollar Bank in that city. He was arrested the same day and charged with aggravated robbery and inducing panic.

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