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Flix chick picks stix

Hollie Newton • Mar 29, 2014 at 7:30 AM

50 years ago, 1964: Area cows were recognized in the milk and butterfat records from the Holstein - Friesian Association: Princess Elizabeth Christy owned by C.F. Clark, Sandusky, produced 15,110 pounds of milk and 604 pounds of butterfat in 304 days. Candy Madcap Matador owned by George Dalton of Wakeman produced 16,019 pounds of milk and 578 pounds of butter fat.

25 years ago, 1989: Actress Kim Basinger paid $20 million for a one-stoplight town in Georgia. Councilman H.B. Braselton said contracts were signed giving Basinger ownership of Braseltons' supermarket, bank, stores, 600-acre industrial park and 1,200 acres of additional real estate.

10 years ago, 2004: The highway shooter investigation cost more the $4 million for police overtime, aircraft surveillance, security cameras and other equipment, a newspaper reported. About $750,000 was spent each month of the four-month effort leading up the the arrest of Charles McCoy Jr.

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