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Commissioners back votes

Andy Ouriel • Mar 29, 2014 at 3:00 PM

But the scales barely tipped to one side, severing any notion of a united front among these seven elected officials amid a controversial decision.

Each commissioner offered a unique perspective as to why they did or didn’t vote to fire Ard:

Yes votes:

“With the difficulties the city has had over the past two years, it’s better for the community that we select another city manager” — Wes Poole

“Nobody on our side is spiking the football. This is not a great day for the city of Sandusky. This is a painful thing for all of us to go through. For our city to move forward and for our vision to be implemented, we need a change at the top” — Dick Brady

“We just decided that the job wasn’t being done the way we wanted it, and we needed to have someone else in there” — Dennis Murray Jr.

“It’s a difficult decision for me. When I was elected, I was elected to represent all the citizens of Sandusky. My decision is based upon what I feel is best for all the citizens” — Naomi Twine

No votes:

“I have seen no reason to terminate Ms. Ard. I don’t think she has done anything to deserve a termination to this point” — Jeff Smith

“I supported her from the beginning. I feel that the big thing lacking here is support for our city manager” — Julie Farrar

“I do feel the city manager has done all she can do in the time between her latest evaluation and her latest performance plan. I am not sure what more we can expect from her” — Scott Schell

Watch the vote in the player below

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