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Edison middle schoolers get their pink on

Register • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:41 PM

Edison Middle School fourth-graders in Jude Campbell and Dora Wilbur’s classes participated in a “Clash of the Colors” project this past week, a fun assignment urging students to prove which color is the best by showing how and how often it is used in everyday life.

Groups of students created poster boards for presentations, conducted science experiments, created recipes, made tasty foods, wrote songs and also dressed in the colors they were representing.

Everything was color-coordinated.

Andrew Harper showed his classmates how to make a red lava lamp, while Devin Hamlin created a LEGO sculpture of a blue airplane. Brenna Chasney demonstrated how to shoot a cork from a bottle using purple vinegar and baking soda. Samantha Taylor, also from the purple group, showed her classmates how purple food coloring mixes with milk and dish soap. Matthew Pounds penned a recipe for a food he called “Green Casserole.”

The “pink group” is pictured with their presentation board, called “Get Your Pink On” Mall.

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