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14 write-in candidates on ballot

Tom Jackson • Mar 26, 2014 at 5:40 PM

Let’s hope Sandusky County elections board director Barb Tuckerman is a Beatles fan, because May 6 is looming as a hard day’s night. Or at least a long one.

Sandusky County has a whopping 14 write-in candidates on the ballot in the primary election.

The machines that read the county’s paper ballots can’t read the names that voters scribble on the ballots, so election board workers are expecting to spend a lot of time counting the ballots by hand.

“We’ll be lucky if we get out of here,” Tuckerman said. “Seriously, we are usually the first county done in the state, unless we have a problem”

Tuckerman is already planning how to deal with the hand counting.

“I kind of planned on four tables with two people, a Democrat and Republican, at each table,” Tuckerman said.

The write-in candidates include four people running for state representative, three Republicans and a Democrat. All of those candidates filed after the original Republican candidate — state Rep. Rex Damschroder, R-Fremont — dropped out because of a mistake in his petition.

There’s a Republican candidate for county commissioner, Libertarians and Greens running for statewide office, and five write-in candidates for the county Republican Party’s Central Committee.

List of write-ins below

Why all the GOP Central Committee write-ins?

Most of them are people who filed petitions after the deadline for getting names on the ballot, said Justin Smith, chairman of the county’s Republican Party.

“I think what happened is people just forgot,” Smith said. “That type of thing happens”

Tuckerman, who has worked for the election board since 1987, can’t recall having more than two write-in candidates in previous elections.

Ottawa County has just three statewide write-in candidates in the May primary, and Erie County has the same three — two Libertarian candidates and a Green Party slate for governor and lieutenant governor. Huron County has four.

Tuckerman said that while the primary will be a long day, it likely won’t be as bad as the 2008 primary, when the county ran out of ballots.

It was terrible and unexpected, she said.

“We had 4,000 Republicans change parties” she said.

Sandusky County’s write-in candidates

•Rhonda Damschroder, Republican, Ohio House, 88th District.

•Richard Geyer, Republican, Ohio House, 88th District.

•William Reineke Jr., Republican, Ohio House, 88th District.

•Bill Young, Democrat, Ohio House, 88th District.

•Charles Schwochow, Republican, county commissioner.

•Anita Rios/Bob Fitrakis, Green, governor and lieutenant governor.

•Kevin Knedler, Libertarian, secretary of state.

•Bob Bridges, Libertarian, state auditor.

•Janet Garrett, Democrat, U.S. House, Fourth District.

•Timothy Braun, Republican, central committee, Ballville-G.

•David Fleming, Republican, central committee, Ballville-G.

•Gary Pollock, Republican, central committee, Ballville-G.

•Dennis Mosier, Republican, central committee, Green Creek-B.

•Jeffrey Sampson, Republican, central committee, Jackson-B.

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