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Deputies: Man beat 4-year-old child

Sandusky Register Staff • Mar 19, 2014 at 8:40 PM

Michael Schaffer, 43, of the 500 block of Bardwell Road, was charged with child endangering and domestic violence.

The boy, his twin sister and their 6-year-old brother had stayed with Schaffer for five days, according to an Erie County deputy’s report.

When the boy’s mother was bathing him Monday night, she discovered an 8-to-10-inch bruise covering an entire buttock and extending to his lower back and upper thigh, the report said.

“I was playing with the blue scissors at daddy’s house and he said stop and I did and I was being good and then he spanked me really hard and a lot” the child told deputies.

The boy’s siblings separately confirmed the boy’s story. They said Schaffer struck the boy six or seven times “very hard” with an open hand, the report said. Schaffer admitted he’d spanked the boy on three occasions that day but didn’t think he struck him hard enough to cause bruising.

“If the evidence is there I guess I can’t argue with it” Schaffer told deputies. He also said there was no incident with scissors and didn’t know why the children would say that.

Schaffer was taken to the Erie County jail and later released.

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