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Drug arrests hard for suspects to swallow

Shawn Foucher • Mar 11, 2014 at 4:53 PM

Sandusky police seized suspected drugs and paraphernalia on Sunday from various human orifices in multiple incidents.

In one case, a teenager gobbled up his marijuana stash, but not before police made him open his mouth so they could take a picture of the evidence, according to a report.

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In another incident, a woman tried to eat crack cocaine. The woman also retrieved a suspected drug pipe from her vagina, a report said.

The first incident began at about 8:30 p.m., when police stopped a black BMW that crossed the center line near Washington and Lawrence streets. The officer pulled the car over and approached, but was immediately greeted by a “strong odor” of marijuana, the report said.

Three 16-year-old Sandusky boys inside the vehicle all denied any knowledge of marijuana. The boys allowed police to search the car, the report said.

As an officer was talking to one of the youngsters, he noticed the boy was doing quite a bit of chewing. The officer convinced the boy to open his mouth, and “observed raw marijuana on (his) tongue and teeth,” the report said.

Police couldn’t recover the mess from the boy’s mouth, so they opted to take pictures of it. He was charged with obstruction and marijuana possession, while another boy in the car was cited for tobacco possession.

About fours later, on Tyler Street, an officer pulled over a vehicle that crossed the shoulder line.

The driver — Deborah Smith, 50, of the 1200 block of Baltimore St. — was fidgety and was not speaking clearly, according to an officer’s report. When the officer asked Smith to open her mouth and lift her tongue, he saw what appeared to be crack cocaine.

Smith tried to swallow the material, which prompted the officer to intervene, the report said. After a bit of a struggle Smith was arrested, and police found a few rocks of suspected crack cocaine — “still wet with saliva” — on the vehicle’s floorboard.

Smith then told police she had a “stem” on her person. She was taken to a holding cell at the police station, where a female officer enticed her to hand over the drug paraphernalia. Smith removed a metal pipe, burnt on both ends, from her vagina, the report said.

A plastic bag that contained suspected drug residue was also found in her purse, the report said.

Smith was taken to the Erie County jail on charges of crack cocaine possession, drug paraphernalia possession, tampering with evidence and resisting arrest.

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