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36 restaurants receive honor

Tom Jackson • Mar 9, 2014 at 2:50 PM

When Huron County’s health department finds a violation at a place that serves food, it makes the establishment fix it, just like Ohio’s other county health departments.

But the department thinks it’s a good idea to hold a carrot as well as a stick, says Tim Hollinger, the county’s health commissioner.

On Friday, the department announced the 36 winners of its Gold Plate Award, a voluntary program honoring businesses and organizations that serve food and that have achieved good scores for food cleanliness practices.

Eric Cherry, the county’s environmental health director, launched the program last year. There were eight winners.

The program has become better known since then, so there are more winners this year, Cherry said.

Cherry said the awards send a message to anyone chowing down at one of the 36 locations.

“They are very committed to food safety” he said.

To win the award, a business must have a valid food license and receive scores of 90 percent or more in two annual inspections. In addition, the place cannot have received any administrative actions for major violations in the past two years and cannot have any foodborne illness outbreaks for two years.

Gold Plate Award winners

•Arby’s, Norwalk

•Bellevue Elementary School, Bellevue

•Bellevue Middle School, Bellevue

•Bellevue Senior High School, Bellevue

•Care Works Inc., Norwalk

•Catering By Design, Norwalk

•Crumbs Confections, Norwalk

•Dave # ’s Food Mart, Norwalk

•Domino’s Pizza, Willard

•East of Chicago Pizza, Greenwich

•Fraternal Order of the Eagles, Bellevue

•First United Methodist Church, Bellevue

•Gas Dept/Subway, New London

•Hound Dog Hop, Plymouth

•Kentucky Fried Chicken, Willard

•Kentucky Fried Chicken, Norwalk

•Kindernest, Willard

•LynMarie’s Coffee on Main, Monroeville 

•Miller’s Drive-In, Bellevue.

•New London Schools, New London

•Sycamore Hills Golf, Norwalk

•Pauly’s By the Slice, Willard

•Peacock Water, Norwalk

•Pizza Brothers, Norwalk

•Pizza Post, Norwalk

•Pizza Wheel, Bellevue

•South Central High School, Greenwich

•South Central Elementary, Greenwich

•St. Paul’s Christian Daycare, Bellevue

•Star View Drive-In, Norwalk

•Subway, Monroeville

•The Bellevue Hospital, Bellevue

•The Willows, Bellevue 

•Twilight Gardens, Norwalk

•Vargo’s Drive-In, Norwalk

•Willard Golf Club, Willard

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