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Serious crime rate increases

Andy Ouriel • Mar 5, 2014 at 8:59 AM

The Erie County Sheriff’s Office had a busy, but not so banner, year in 2013.

The busy: About 22,000 dialed 911 for sheriff services — the most since officials began recording data dating back to 1996. It’s also a 27 percent increase compared to 2012.

The not so banner: Serious crimes — such as homicides, rapes, robberies and burglaries — slightly increased from a year ago.

Among the other noteworthy items from 2013:

•Patrollers, or deputies, served 816 warrants in 2013, the least since 2004.

•Of the 22,000 emergency calls, the most emanated from Huron (4,500), then Sandusky (3,200) and Vermilion (2,600).

•Jail personnel served about 143,400 meals to inmates. The average cost of each meal totaled $1.25.    q The jail’s average daily population equaled 131 — the highest since 2002 when it was 136 and well above the state’s recommended amount of 106.

“While unique in many ways, 2013 was a typically busy year,” Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said. “While statistics alone can be useful, they do not — and cannot — reflect the true devotion to public safety that the staff members of your sheriff’s office possess while performing their day-to-day duties”

Sigsworth said the sheriff’s office, receiving anywhere between $6 million to $7 million annually in recent years, will continue to provide quality service no matter how many calls come in.

“We thank (the community) for your ongoing support of our agency, both through your tax dollars and your conduct,” Sigsworth said. “We know the vast majority of you are law-abiding and peaceful individuals who support our efforts to serve and protect you and who realize the trying situations that we face. We are deeply grateful for your support”

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