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Lighthouse Point to expand

Melissa Topey • Mar 5, 2014 at 11:30 AM

Cedar Point is building 52 new deluxe cabins to complete its remodel of what was once known as Camper Village.

The new cabins are in Lighthouse Point, a resort area of the park that opened in 2001, said Bryan Edwards, Cedar Point spokesman.

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The area started in 1971 as Camper Village and was known as such for decades. It then became Camper Village at Lighthouse Point, and on Tuesday the park officially dropped the name Camper Village.

The cabins, wood for a rustic feel, sleep up to 10 people with queen-sized beds, two full-size bathrooms and four flat-screen televisions. The kitchenette has a microwave, refrigerator and coffee maker, Edwards said. “These are really nice” he said. The new cabins should be available May 23. They’ll come with an outdoor grill and picnic area. There is also Wi-Fi for those people who have to be connected, even while on vacation. There has been a real trend in vacationing with large family groups, and Cedar Point is meeting that need, Edwards said.    

“When you have a large family or your family is vacationing with grandma, grandpa or your sister and her family this is what you need,” he said. “It can be hard to sleep that many in hotel room”

Some people like the more rustic feel of the cabins or cottages, rather than the formal atmosphere of hotels. Whether it’s Breakers, the Cedar Point boat marina or Lighthouse Point, Cedar Point has the offerings for every guest, Edwards said.

Once done, Cedar Point will have 64 cottages, 92 cabins and 97 luxury RV sites available for guests to the park.

Rates have yet to be set for the new cabins, but they’ll probably be on par with the cost of the hotels. Packages can be booked on Cedar Point’s website and paid in four installments.

Guests staying in the park receive admission tickets for $39 per person, more than $20 off the gate price. They can also enter the park an hour before the gate opens.

“You are within walking distance, so go in early,” Edwards said. “When (you) get tired, walk back, rest and go back out”

Cedar Point declined to reveal the cost of the project. The park opens for the 2014 season on May 10.

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