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Road rage brings gun charges

Courtney Astolfi • Mar 1, 2014 at 2:50 PM

Carl Pope Jr., 53, of Metamora, Ohio, was charged with felonious assault, carrying a concealed weapon and improper handling of firearms in a vehicle.

It was about 1 a.m. when a Sandusky man first encountered Pope’s rig in the eastbound lanes of Ohio 2. The man was trying to exit onto Milan Road, but Pope’s truck began merging into his lane. Trying to alert Pope to his vehicle, the man flashed his lights, but Pope continued to merge, according to an Erie County deputy’s report.

The man was forced to brake and continued on behind the semi, but when he tried to pass, Pope blocked him from doing so, the report said.

Both vehicles then took the U.S. 250 exit, with each pulling in at the nearby Speedway gas station.

The man pulled his vehicle alongside Pope and rolled down his window to speak with him. Pope allegedly responded by opening his door and aiming a handgun at the man, the report said.

Spooked, the driver pulled away and dialed police. Pope got back on the highway and continued east.

A Huron police officer spotted Pope’s semitrailer near the Ohio 13 exit and, having heard police scanner traffic, initiated a traffic stop, the report said.

Pope denied having a weapon inside his cab, and he allowed a Huron officer and Erie County deputies to search the car. They then uncovered a handgun holster underneath some blankets, and Pope soon admitted the gun was behind his seat, the report said

The Smith & Wesson .357, loaded with six rounds, was found on a shelf near Pope’s bed in the cab. He allegedly told the Huron officer he’d pointed the gun at someone who was driving erratically.

Pope remains in the Erie County jail on $30,000 bond.

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