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Ohio bill requires 1 license plate

Associated Press • Feb 23, 2014 at 1:50 PM

Motorists would only be required to display a single license plate on the rear of their vehicles under a proposal pending in the Ohio House.

But at the same time, a joint House-Senate task force unanimously has recommended against the change to one plate from two, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

At the end of December, the joint panel voted in favor of maintaining the two-plate requirement.

Law-enforcement officials told task force members front plates help people more easily report crimes and allow officers to spot people involved in traffic investigations, said Rep. Cheryl Grossman of Grove City, the chairwoman of the License Plate Safety Task Force.

A House committee passed a bill seven months ago to require one plate, not two. The proposal has 19 co-sponsors from both parties and is awaiting the OK from House leadership to be taken up for a vote.

Supporters point to the bill’s potential savings for the state: about $1.4 million each year in license plate production and distribution.

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