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Yankee Lady B-17 bomber to offer rides

Tom Jackson • Feb 21, 2014 at 11:50 AM

Liberty Aviation Museum’s efforts to promote itself helps Erie-Ottawa International Airport, and the airport’s efforts help the museum, the airport’s director says.

The museum has just announced a new promotion for the seven visits that will be made this year by the Yankee Lady B-17 bomber, which offers rides to paying customers. For each ride that’s purchased, the plane will give a free ride to a World War II veteran.

The vintage bomber will be at the museum on May 14 and 15, June 4 and 25, July 12, Aug. 24, Sept. 10 and Oct. 1.

Rides cost $450.

“This special two-for-one pricing is effective for the season, beginning in May and running into October” said Jeff Sondles, operations director of Liberty Aviation Museum.    

This will be the third year the B-17 has come to the airport, Gebhardt said.

Traffic is key to the airport, because fuel sales keep the airport running, he said.

Good traffic numbers also help when the airport is seeking FAA grants to keep the field in good shape.

“If you are an airport that has no traffic, you aren’t going to get additional grant dollars” Gebhardt said.

The airport promoted the museum last year when it mailed out flyers to 12,000 pilots in a four-state area, inviting them to fly to the airport to visit Liberty Aviation Museum and its Tin Goose Diner restaurant, he said.

“We’re all better off if we work together” he said.

More information on the Yankee Lady and the rides it will offer can be found at the museum’s website, libertyaviationmuseum.org.

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