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Beware of parking lot scam

Register • Feb 22, 2014 at 11:32 AM

Perkins Township police released the following...

On Wednesday February 19th a senior citizen was approached in the Kroger parking lot by a white female. The white female told the senior she found a wallet near the seniors’ car containing a significant amount of cash. The white female asked the senior if the wallet belonged to her. The senior citizen told her no. The white female and the senior were then greeted by a black female that was nicely dressed. The black female asked to sit in the seniors’ car while they wait for the white female to check with her boss, who is an attorney, to see what she should do with the money. 

The white female returned a short time later and told the senior her boss said it was finders keepers and all they had to do was pay the taxes on the found cash. Both females tried to talk the senior into paying tax on the found cash. 

The senior told both females she did not want the money and told them to get out of her car, she wanted to leave. According to the senior, the females left the car heading toward the entrance of Kroger. There is no other physical or vehicle description at this time. This was reported to our department yesterday afternoon.

This is a scam.

Please advise your neighbors and seniors this is happening locally. No-one should ever give someone that approaches them their personal information or account numbers. We also suggest do not allow them in your vehicle as you may have information in your car, such as vehicle registration information, that these people will want to get.

If anyone has contact with a similar situation or people please contact your local law enforcement agency. We will be looking into surveillance footage and if we obtain images we will post them as soon as we are able. 

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