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Strap in for Sling Shot

Melissa Topey • Feb 14, 2014 at 8:16 AM

A recent filing with the Federal Aviation Administration hints to a possible surprise ride for Cedar Point in 2014.

The filing puts the FAA on notice of a project, called the 2014 Sling Shot Ride, to begin construction March 7 and last until June 7. It has a proposed height of 236 feet.

There is no company name for the filing, but coordinates show the ride is inside Cedar Point’s park. It appears to be near the Gemini midway.

“We have no new projects to announce at this time,” Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards said this week.    

Cedar Fair, operator of Cedar Point, currently operates a slingshot ride, dubbed “Sling Shot,” at Kings Island near Cincinnati.

The thrill ride catapults a tethered capsule that holds two people. The capsule is launched 275 feet into the air at speeds of close to 100 mph, according to the park’s website.

At Kings Island, it’s a pay-to-ride attraction.

Dave Lipnicky, a coaster enthusiast with the organization American Coaster Enthusiasts, said this was a well-kept secret for Cedar Point, as there were no rumors circulating among coaster enthusiasts.

And any addition to the park is fantastic, Lipnicky said.

“Whether it’s for the family or the thrill-seeker you want a good mix that way everyone stays happy,” Lipnicky said.

Lipnicky said he rode a slingshot ride that was installed at a park in Texas last year.

“It was incredibly exciting,” he said. “It was a real kick in the pants. It’s instantaneous acceleration”

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