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Meat - it's what's for dinner and lunch and...

Hollie Newton • Feb 12, 2014 at 7:40 AM

50 years ago, 1964: The House approved the Civil Rights Bill in an overwhelming vote hailed by President Johnson as "an historic step forward for the cause of dignity in America." It then faced the Senate where Southerners hoped to whittle it down with talk.

25 years ago, 1989: The U.S. faced a growing skilled labor shortage potentially more destructive to long-term economic health than the budget or trade deficits, an Economic Policy Institute report said. It predicted millions of unskilled and economically dependent young people.

10 years ago, 2004: The debate over Dr. Robert Atkins' popular high-fat, low-carb diet flared posthumously when it was suggested that Atkins himself was a bloated 258 pounds at his death.

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