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City researching better reception

Andy Ouriel • Feb 9, 2014 at 3:20 PM

Forget about 3G or 4G.

Huron officials simply have 1G, or one goal, in mind to boost the speed and performance of digital gadgets.

City council members recently directed Huron administrators to research how they can enhance network accessibility for cell phones, computers and other electronic devices.

Oftentimes in Huron, and especially on the city’s eastern end, cell phone calls drop and computers act sluggish when users try to connect with Wi-Fi networks.

A solution to speed up the network could involve adding a second cell phone tower, complementing the city’s only other one on Sawmill Parkway near Rye Beach Road.

“As you move further and further away from this one tower, the signal begins to die,” Huron city manager Andy White said. “We want to provide the city with superior cellular coverage, but we’re just looking right now”

Cities can negotiate with companies providing cellular and Wi-Fi coverage by leasing or selling them land. A company could also pay a yearly fee to Huron if such a deal occurred.

“This could be an additional revenue stream for the city,” White said. “It also could be beneficial to the residential community, and really superb coverage has the potential to spur economic development”

Several unknowns exist about the proposed project, including where the tower could be located and how much it might cost.

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