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Kasich: Wealth OK but not materialism

Associated Press • Feb 7, 2014 at 11:40 AM

Ohio Gov. John Kasich criticized materialistic views that money and cars bring fulfillment, while also saying Thursday that he did not see anything wrong with wealth.

“But if it becomes your idol, or your false god, or if you think you’ll find happiness through the accumulation of wealth — it isn’t going to work for you,” said Kasich, a former congressman and former Lehman Brothers managing director.

The first-term governor, a Republican, made the comments in wide-ranging remarks at the Ohio Newspaper Association’s convention in Columbus.

Kasich’s views on materialism initially came in response to a question about the Tea Party, a group that he’s taken heat from in his support for an expansion of the Medicaid health program. Activists had spent time recruiting candidates to run against him, though they fell through.

“Look, I’m concerned about many of the things that they’re concerned about,” he said, noting his support for passing a federal balanced budget amendment.

The governor then described the faith that guides him, including the issues of personal responsibility and his opposition to materialistic excess.

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