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Police chief Orzech sets 5 goals for 2014

Andy Ouriel • Jan 27, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Among them:

1. Progress on improving community relations through outreach programs.

Orzech, upon becoming chief in April, implemented a liaison program, where several officers visit area organizations to fostergoodwill between Sandusky police and the community.

“This will … address our overall goal of providing a safe community for the citizens of Sandusky” he said.

2. Establish an organizational chart to better reflect current manpower levels, job assignments and supervisory responsibilities.

A better-defined chart should create a clearer chain of command, Orzech said.

3. Update the policy and procedure manual.

“The policy and procedure manual will continue to be updated so that it reflects current operational practices, state law and best practices for modern policing agencies” he said.

4. Introduce a strategic plan for police operations.

The strategic plan strives to produce long-term goals and objectives police officers, detectives and administrators want to achieve, Orzech said. The message should also differ but jibe with city commission’s mission statement.

5. Embrace a new records management system.

Up until January, local law enforcers needed to make several calls or radio in requests to obtain information from other departments.

But now information from almost every county-based police and fire department is accessible through a database system.

A law enforcer can type someone’s name, address or other pertinent information into a search to immediately access data they need when solving crimes or pressing charges.

Sandusky’s law enforcers, for instance, can now access Huron’s crime reports in a few seconds.

The universal system also can produce statistical information and crime maps, informing officers about vagrant activity or other trouble at certain locations.

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