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FRMC introduces Center for Coordinated Care

Register • Jan 27, 2014 at 6:13 AM

The center provides a team-based approach to patient care, led by the patient’s primary care physician. This will provide one location for a number of clinics and services designed to help patients manage their chronic illnesses.

For patients who do not have a primary care physician but do have chronic diseases, the center’s wellness program will assist the patient in getting under the care of a primary care physician.

The Center for Coordinated Care will feature: Endocrine & Diabetes Center for Advanced Care, providing evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and management of diabetes, lipids, obesity, Vitamin D status, metabolic syndrome, male and female reproductive issues, and adrenal gland, pituitary and thyroid disorders, Anticoagulation Clinic (for Coumadin and other anticoagulant medications), High Cholesterol Clinic, Heart Failure Clinic, Vacci nations, Wellness Services.

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