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Streets closing near Keller

Andy Ouriel • Jan 6, 2014 at 1:10 PM

Maneuvering around the Keller Building could prove more furious than navigating through rush hour traffic in Los Angeles.

As early as today, city officials plan to close numerous streets and sidewalks bordering the blighted building in downtown Sandusky.

The road closures aim to provide construction workers enough room to demolish the building and complete related environmental work.

Budgeted at $550,000, razing the Keller Building should occur sometime this year. These roads will stay closed until the building comes down.

Among the closures for all foot and car traffic:

• West Shoreline Drive from Decatur to Jackson streets.    

• Decatur Street from West Shoreline Drive to West Water Street.

• The north side, or westbound lane, of West Water Street from Decatur to Jackson streets.

Drivers heading in either direction on West Water Street can still access the road. But motorists, either going east or west, will have to share the road’s southern portion with oncoming traffic.

“This will be the configuration until the building is demolished,” Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein said.

Two years ago, city officials barricaded a portion of West Shoreline Drive near Decatur Street after a brick fell from the building’s chimney.

The brick plummeted several stories onto West Shoreline Drive, prompting officials to take action of blocking off West Shoreline Drive. City commissioners, after years of discussing whether to preserve or tear down the Keller Building, ultimately agreed upon demolishing it a few months ago.

Officials reiterated their collective stance a week ago, when a developer proposed salvaging the building. Commissioners said a contract’s in place to bring the Keller Building down, and they can’t back out of it now.

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