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Refunds for Perkins families delayed

Alissa Widman Neese • Jan 3, 2014 at 5:17 PM

Perkins Schools families anticipating pay-to-participate fee refunds must keep waiting a little while longer.

Yet again, district officials have announced a delay in the process. They’re now planning to have the much-sought-after checks in the mail by Monday, according to an announcement posted to the district’s website.

“We appreciate your patience,” the announcement said.

At their December board meeting, district officials said they anticipated all owed fees would be returned to families before the start of the new year.

A complicated, computerized process was to determine how much the district owed each student after board members agreed in November to slice the district’s pay-to-participate fees in half.

The reduced fees are effective for the entire school year, which means any students who paid to play fall sports are likely eligible for a refund or credit toward future activities.

The lengthy calculations have taken much longer than initially expected, superintendent Jim Gunner said in December.

The reduced fees are a direct effect of board members returning a portion of funds back into the district’s operating account, also in November.

In 2011, the board moved the operating funds, called “inside millage,” into a separate account used for building projects. They’ve temporarily abandoned any construction plans, which freed up the extra cash.

Almost 300 Perkins Schools families are set to receive pay-toparticipate fee refunds totaling $45,400, with amounts ranging from $1 to $710, treasurer Lisa Crescimano said.

Any parents with specific questions about their child’s refund can arrange to meet with district officials to discuss their situation individually.

The district’s phone number is 419-625-0484.

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