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Melissa Topey • Jan 3, 2014 at 7:30 AM

In an ordinary brick building, behind a nondescript door on Fulton Street something special is happening.

Girls are learning to be the best softball players they can be with the coaching of Troy Keegan, owner of Keegan Sports Training Academy, an old-school brick walls indoor training facility.

On a recent cold evening, 15-year-old catcher Kerri Clark from Perkins High School and 15-year-old pitcher Karli Veliz from Margaretta were two of about 25 girls who were training.

“He knows if you are not doing the best. He tries to help you out if you are not” Clark said. “He is helpful” “He is also fun to be with,” Veliz said.

A star athlete, Keegan excelled at baseball at Sandusky High School and the University of Toledo. Keegan was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame at both schools.

He started Keegan Sports Training Academy on Nov. 23 at 711 W. Washington St., at the corner of Washington and Fulton streets.

He teaches both boys and girls. “We do a full program so the kids are strong; it prevents injury and they are more competitive” Keegan said.

Keegan offers private instruction in softball, baseball, hitting, catching, as well as clinics. Keegan Sports Training Academy also offers supervised workouts and weight training for kids that is useful for any sport, he said.

Keegan wants to get adults moving as well and will be hosting adult boot camps.

Helping out as part of the training staff is Angel Bastardo, former minor league catcher for the Cleveland Indians organization, and Courtney Parr, graduate of Margaretta High school, a college softball player at Owens College as well as an experienced sports coach in area schools.

Keegan Sports Training Academy

• ADDRESS: 711 W. Washington St., at the corner of Washington and Fulton. Gym entrance is off of Fulton.

• PHONE: 419-271-3478 for further information or to schedule an appointment.

• FEES: Boys individual pitching or hitting, $25. Girls individual hitting $25. Girls individual pitching (coached by Parr) $40. 2 people- $20 per person.

• HOURS: Hours vary so call to schedule an appointment for private tutorial or learn when the next clinic is.

• MORE: Visit them of Facebook

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