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City bins become personal dumps

Andy Ouriel • Dec 28, 2013 at 8:34 AM

People are using free recycling containers as their personal dumping grounds.

Several people recently called in to the Register newsroom complaining about recycling bins stuffed and overflowing with plastic bottles, magazines and other reusable products.

The bins, dubbed Greener Corners, promote recycling use in about 30 locations throughout downtown Sandusky.

But the receptacles, debuting about a year ago, aren’t meant for people to unload large amounts of reusable products.

Rather, they’re intended for people to dump a single item — a soda can or newspaper, for instance — after they’re done with it.

The receptacles can only hold a limited amount of materials and are emptied on a weekly basis.

“Residents have been using some of these public containers as their own personal trash drop-off sites, accounting for frequent overflow of the containers,” Greener Corners spokesman Aaron Klein said.

Executives at FSI Disposal, the company contracted to empty these bins, acknowledge the problem as well.

“We are getting bags and bags of material,” said Mike Walksi, FSI Disposal’s sales and service manager.

It’s possible continued abuse of the bins could lead to their removal.

Greener Corners relies on sponsorships from local businesses to pay for the bins, meaning taxpayers avoid all costs.

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