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Police: Charges unlikely in alleged rape

Tom Jackson • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:38 PM

Perkins police were dispatched to an area near the Sandusky Speedway grandstands late Friday night in response to an alleged sexual assault.

They arrived to find three campers parked there, and they immediately interviewed the alleged victim and four witnesses.

Parthemore said the four witnesses were all taken into custody and interviewed, and they all said the sexual encounter was consensual.

The four included the victim’s female friend, the alleged assailant and two other males.

Three of the people involved were later charged with underage drinking.

Officers also met with the victim, a 21-year-old Parma woman who appeared to be intoxicated at the scene. She told police she went into a bedroom in one of the campers, where one of the men raped her, police said.

Parthemore, who was the on-call detective that night, interviewed the witnesses and arranged to have the alleged victim brought to the police station Monday for a follow-up interview when she was sober. Her mother brought her to the police station to talk to Parthemore.

“The victim has recanted her story,” Parthemore said. “She doesn’t recall too many events, because they were all drinking”

He added: “She doesn’t remember it being consensual or nonconsensual. At a certain point, she got a little too impaired and doesn’t remember what happened”

The other four witnesses said any sex was consensual, Parthemore said, adding that all four of their accounts were very similar.

Parthemore said he will complete paperwork in the case and send it to the Erie County prosecutor for review, but at this point he does not expect charges to be filed.

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