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Man sells son’s toys for drug money

Shawn Foucher • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:38 PM

Jeremy Morrow, 33, who is homeless but now living in the Erie County jail, was charged with theft. Morrow was arrested last week on a warrant for multiple drug offenses.


He was in the county jail on Saturday when his mother, who lives in Milan Township and has custody of his young son, discovered a number of items were missing, according to a deputy’s report.

The woman told deputies her grandson’s Nintendo 3DS game system and about a half a dozen games were missing, as well as an Xbox 360 “Skylanders” game and 10 action figures, the report said. The woman told deputies she suspected Morrow stole the items, as he and his girlfriend have a history of stealing from family members.

Seeing as Morrow was sitting in jail when the woman filed the report, deputies decided to pay him a visit and ask him about the allegations.

He soon admitted he took the items and sold them at a local video game store so he could get money for crack-cocaine, Erie County Detective Dennis Papineau said.

Deputies also suspect Morrow’s girlfriend played a role in helping him sell the games, given that Morrow doesn’t have a valid photo ID. She may also face charges, Papineau said.

Morrow’s mother told deputies she went to the store this week and purchased replacements for the stolen items.

Morrow remains in jail on about $13,000 bond.

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