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Stop light perishes at Parish

Andy Ouriel • Aug 27, 2014 at 3:27 PM

Some motorists seem frustrated.

The problem? This past weekend’s snowstorm damaged the entire traffic light system at the intersection of Columbus Avenue and West Parish Street, near the Sandusky U.S. Post Office.

“Because the pole had fallen over and the signals were on the ground, we had to remove it,” Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein said. “The pole had rotted through and could not be reused”

In the meantime, city officials placed makeshift stop signs on both sides of Parish Street. People on Columbus Avenue now don’t yield when they approach and pass through the intersection.

“That’s dangerous” said one man who called the Register Thursday. “It’s an accident waiting to happen”

Klein couldn’t answer whether the light would be replaced and how much it could cost.

“Those are all things that are being analyzed” Klein said.

It’s apparent by commuter outrage a street light is both wanted and needed in this area.

“I can not think of why they would want to remove a traffic signal at such an important intersection,” a reader wrote via email.

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