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Shopping downtown

Melissa Topey • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:40 PM

With only a few days left before Christmas, retailers are hoping procrastinators will open their wallets wide.


And downtown Sandusky’s retailers have a few gems for those last-minute buyers.

Erik’s Clothing, Fabulous Females, Brick Gallery, James A. Bertsch Jewelers, the State Theatre gift shop and other downtown businesses have rolled out some deals for the holidays.

“Time and money is limited, spend it wisely,” said Erik Anderson, owner of Erik’s Clothing on West Market Street. “Come in, buy local. This is not typical stuff — it’s special, better and different. That is just the way to shop”    That’s what consumers with tight budgets are looking for this year: special gifts at deep discounts.

A recent Gallup poll showed this year’s Christmas shoppers are spending $704, on average, and they’re buying discounted items.

Last year, each shopper spent $764 on average.

Some downtown merchants saw fewer sales in recent weeks, mostly the result of the weather hindering turnout.

Anderson said he’s carrying everything that’s hot in men’s fashion this holiday season, including sweaters, boots and outerwear. He has three-piece wool suits priced at $395.

One of his great stocking stuffers: a new line of oils for men. Anderson had five different scents developed exclusively for his store.

Women’s fashion can be found one street over, meanwhile, at Fabulous Female Boutique on Water Street. The shop carries items to meet eclectic tastes in clothing and accessories, although it also has infant clothing and gifts.

“We’re having fun helping people choose their Christmas gifts,” said owner Kim Mazur. “People are loving what they find downtown”

Fabulous Female is offering discounts on winter apparel, as well as loading a customer up with $1 in “Diva Dollars” for every $10 spent.

Jewelry, of course, is always a great gift.

Few know this better than the folks at James A. Bertsch Jewelers at West Market Street and Columbus Avenue.

“Everything in the store is discounted” owner Michelle Bertsch-Herold said. “If it’s not the right price, let’s make a deal”

Some of this year’s hot sellers are colored diamond gemstones and watches. Bertsch-Herold has discounted some items 15 percent to 60 percent, a sure draw for those who wait until the last minute to buy gifts. Her wine glasses and decanters are priced at up to 70 percent off.

The store has also extended its hours, staying open until at least 3 p.m. Christmas Eve.

Each holiday season, Bertsch-Herold also serves a spread of sandwiches, drinks and treats.

“It’s a tradition my father started,” she said. “It’s very special”

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