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More than 50 vehicles lost in storage inferno

Courtney Astolfi • Dec 17, 2013 at 12:20 PM

Margaretta fire Chief Bill Mohr and the Ohio State Fire Marshal’s office determined the blaze at Killingsworth Interior Storage originated in the building’s southern corner, but were not able to conclude what sparked the flames.

Mohr said the cause was ruled undetermined, but he and the fire marshal both agreed it was likely accidental.

“We knew where it started, but we couldn’t list an exact cause of what started it” Mohr said.

In the month and a half since the fire swallowed up the facility and all of its contents, firefighters have worked to assemble an approximate list of property lost:

• 15 boats.

• 14 Jet-Skis.

• 16 cars.

• 8 ATVs.

• 14 snowmobiles.

• 2 travel trailers.

• 5 lawn mowers or tractors.

• 6 trailers.

Firefighters have not yet determined the total dollar loss, Mohr said. That information will likely remain between individual storage space renters and their insurance adjusters.

One local man who is usually an emergency responder found himself on the other end of the facility fire—this time as a victim.

Second in command of the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Deputy Jared Oliver lost a Jet-Ski in the blaze.

This was the first year Oliver rented a space at the facility, after receiving a recommendation from his brother-in-law, who has stored a boat and camper there for about a decade, Oliver said.

Oliver and his brother-in-law, like other victims who lost property that night, have been in touch with their insurance agents.

While some owners will likely replace their losses, some may not be too eager to do so, while others likely won’t be able to do so.

Many of the cars that burned up were historic vehicles from decades past, Mohr said.

Oliver, meanwhile, is unsure if he will replace the Jet-Ski.

“We’re still undecided,” Oliver said.

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