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Suspect in bar robbery at large

Jessica Cuffman • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:38 PM

Officers still managed to chase down two alleged co-conspirators as they were leaving Pitt Stop Bar on West State Street early Saturday morning.

As police arrived at the bar just after midnight, the bar owner pointed them toward the back of the property, where the men were last seen on Liberty Street. As officers walked in that direction, a 2013 Chevrolet Malibu pulled onto Alger Street, and the bar owner and other employees yelled that the suspects were inside the car.

An officer on foot signaled for the car to stop, and it kept going — but not before an officer was able to identify the driver as Dale Sloan, 23, of Fremont.

Police chased the vehicle only a few blocks before Sloan stopped on Locust Street and bailed, running away from the vehicle along with a back seat passenger, according to the report.

Two other people remained in the car, and officers detained them.

Police found a bottle of Remy Martin liquor, a kind of cognac, on the floor of the car where Darnell McCloud, 31, of Detroit, was sitting.

Officers also found a bag with nine .38-caliber bullets hidden in the center console in the back seat of the car.

As officers spoke with McCloud, Sloan walked back toward the car with two other people and denied his involvement in the robbery.

At the police station, officers charged him with obstructing official business and driving under suspension and sent him on his way. They found there was a warrant out for McCloud’s arrest, charged him with receiving stolen property and took him to the Sandusky County jail.

Bar staff told police the armed man who stole the liquor had been wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt, but McCloud, Sloan and the third man officers detained were wearing no such clothing.

Police continued to scour the area for evidence, finding two loaded handguns — a semi-automatic tossed onto a front lawn on Sycamore Street and a .38-caliber revolver on Grant Street. That was the route the Malibu had taken before Sloan and the unidentified fourth occupant of the vehicle fled the scene, according to the report.

Police also found a bag of crack cocaine and a bottle of oxycodone on Locust street, in the area where police saw the men run from the car.

Officers searched the area for the fourth man but were unable to find him.

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