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A well-oiled machine

Melissa Topey • Nov 22, 2013 at 7:10 AM

Elvir “Eck” Abazi, owner, and Kevin Zeigler, manager, keep this local family owned business operating as efficiently as a race car pit crew.

“We tend to get return customers once they try us,” Abazi said.

That may be because of the fast service — the crew can get a customer in and out in about 12 minutes — Abazi said. Most garages take two to three times as long, he said.

“Some people just stay in the car. Others sit in the lobby with the coffee and magazines,” he said.

The lobby is clean and comfortable, with large windows to watch employees as they work.

Or, it may be that VIP Quick Lube is a Valvoline Express Care Facility only using Valvoline products.

“I am a firm believer in Valvoline,” Abazi said. “They have been in the market forever. They are a quality oil.”

An oil change at Quick Lube is not just any oil change, he said. Some places use inferior oils that break down quickly, possibly leading to engine damage and expensive repair.

Valvoline offers rebates 365 days a year, saving VIP Quick Lube customers money, Abazi said. That is on top of discounts VIP may offer on services or car washes.

The Abazi family opened the business in mid-June after they revamped the building, which formerly housed a car wash.

Everything was designed for efficiency, Zeigler said.

The doors into the garage are large enough to accommodate commercial vehicles some other garages cannot. The business is bringing in more commercial fleet work because of that.

The business has two work stations so multiple cars can be worked on at the same time. An employee is down in the pitchanging the oil with another above inspecting the vehicle’s fluids and belts. They will even check tire pressure.

“Then we tell customers what we see,” Zeigler said. “We are honest with them on everything — whether it’s work we do or do not do.”

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