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Granny, 83, beats burglar with cane

Associated Press • Nov 15, 2013 at 11:20 AM

Rozella Brown was watching her favorite Westerns on television on Monday afternoon when she heard the doorbell ring.


She didn’t answer it, but a few minutes later noticed an odd sight on her floor.“I seen a hump there on the kitchen floor and it started moving, so I just started pounding at him with my cane,” Brown said of the crawling intruder.

The 83-year-old mother of nine was alone in her Buchtelarea home when the would-be burglar came inside. She told law enforcement the male looked to be “school-aged,” of average height and weight and wearing a gray corduroy hooded jacket and blue jeans.

“I didn’t get scared because he looked more like a little boy than a man,” Brown said.

After she started hitting him with her cane, he tried to cover himself from her attacks. The man got away with $100.

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