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The Producers

Melissa Topey • Nov 12, 2013 at 7:30 AM

Sandusky’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. You can hear it.

Lake Side Studio owners Eddie Banks, Gabriel Mariscal and Adolfo J.J. Moreno III opened a new recording studio on Wednesday.

“I know there is a lot of talent in Sandusky,” Moreno said. They just need exposure.”

Lake Side Studio

• WHERE: 157 Columbus Ave., next to Musicians Alley.

• PHONE: 419-559-5233 or 419-559-8344

• HOURS: 9 a.m. to 4 a.m. Monday through Sunday.


The men have made it their mission to draw artists of all genres into the studio along with people with talent needing mentoring. Banks, Mariscal and Moreno are all artists in their own right, as well as producers, and say they have the ear to catch the right sound.

Banks has music in his soul. He started as a young boy in church. His father, Edward Banks Sr., played in a band with R&B singer Gerald Levert. There is a picture in the studio of a 5-year-old Banks playing the slide trombone with his father at the piano.    

Mariscal said the studio is about quality, with high-end mics, Mac computers and other equipment and instruments.

Studio time averages about $30 an hour, but a discount is available if a person purchases multiple hours in advance.

Banks is the chief executive officer and founder of the label Rude Boy Music Group, a nod to the name of the band his father played in.

Banks has already signed Lost Avenue to the new label.

Lost Avenue band-mates are rapper Lukas Hines, 19; rapper Devon Aaron, 19; D.J. and rapper William Churchwell, 20; singer, rapper Brendarius Smith, 20; and rapper Ryan Harris, 16.

Most of the young men had been in other bands before coming together.

Lost Avenue is managed by DaMante’ Johnson. The band already has 1,240 followers on Twitter  @Lost_Ave  .

The group recently released its first album, “Going Un-Noticed.” The first song released from that album, “80’s Compilation,” is a catchy tribute to the boy bands of that decade, with a strong hook and fun vibe as they drop every possible ’80s iconic reference.

The album also features gritty raps.

The young men of Lost Avenue said that album was a lot of hard work but is a special moment in their lives.

“I used to sing to a single microphone hanging from a ceiling,” Aaron said.

And now they have Lake Side Studio and the Rude Boy label.

“People have dreams. We want to push them and make that happen,” Mariscal said.

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