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Andy Ouriel • Nov 11, 2013 at 7:51 PM

City officials are steering people toward an online survey based on how they perceive parking in downtown Sandusky.

Take the survey HERE. 

The Arizona-based firm, Kimley-Horn and Associates, developed about 25 questions gauging people's concerns, problems and issues with parking anywhere in downtown.

Kimley-Horn and Associates specializes in parking studies.

The survey, encompassing multiple-choice and short-answer questions, should take about 10 minutes to complete and can be found at sanduskyregister.com/survey.

The results of the survey will be included in a comprehensive plan scheduled to be presented to city officials sometime next month.

"We would really like to have some feedback from folks in the community on what they see as challenges for downtown parking," said John Lippus, Sandusky Main Street Association's executive director.

Members representing the association, a private organization advocating for downtown development, selected the company after area residents and business owners raised parking issues during a community meeting a year ago.

Among the long-lingering parking questions needing resolution:

• Should people, including those leaving their cars in city lots for days while they hop on ferryboats to nearby islands, pay to park?

• Are city officials going to install meters, limiting people for how long they can park their cars on streets for free?

• Can employees hog prime parking spots in front of shops or stores all day, forcing customers to walk great distances so they can spend money?

• Will city officials possibly assign an officer to enforce parking rules posted on signs?

• Is there enough or too much handicap parking?

Want to participate?

There's two ways you can find the online survey:

• Click HERE to find the survey

• Log onto surveymonkey.com/s/sandusky2013

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